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Social responsibility starts right in front of your doorstep

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of Outdooractive’s company culture. To live up to that responsibility, we do not merely support the global initiative 1% for the Planet, but also make an important contribution to the protection of our environment by closely cooperating with Digitize the Planet ensuring all protected areas and their rules become digitally available.

Furthermore Outdooractive is ready to take over responsibility on a local level. Our company car fleet consists of EV models only and we incentivize all employees to commute to work by bike. Last but not least, Outdooractive regularly supports disadvantaged families from our home region, the Allgäu. Thus we want to make a difference for our local community and for these families in particular, for example ensuring they can celebrate a happy Christmas. Donating money and gifts was again an important task to be taken care of in 2022 and we hope to have a big impact with this little gesture even if it is not for a great number of people.