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Managing data instead of advertising

Spending money on traditional advertising is not the future of destination marketing and this article seeks to explain how these changes are taking place.

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Digital leadership for destinations. What are the first steps?

Digitization and digital leadership must go hand in hand. As a digital leadership culture is the basis of a digital destination. In theory, most people already know this, but what exactly is behind it in practice? How can I successfully implement digital leadership in my destination? In this article we have summarized the first steps for you.

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The Outdooractive Conference 2019: The speakers of the Digital Leadership Forum

In the global competition in digital markets, where technologies are developing rapidly, one term has become indispensable: digital Leadership. The tourism industry also has to deal with new tasks, tools and procedures in order to remain successful in the digital area. But before concrete individual measures can be initiated, destinations must first understand and develop the core elements of digital management, even if this means abandoning previous structures and approaches. How this can be successfully implemented will be discussed at this year’s Outdooractive Conference. In the Digital Leadership Forum exciting speakers will provide impetus for modern leadership.

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Outdooractive Conference 2019: a fresh breeze and trusted program

Shaping the future of digital tourism – that is the motto of this year’s Outdooractive Conference. From September 24 – 26, participants can look forward to a varied agenda: lectures by international experts, a newly conceived seminar day, a varied outdoor program and much more. In this article you will learn more about this year’s topic focus and new highlights that fit perfectly into our previous format.

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