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The Digital Destination

The time for destinations has come to decide whether to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization or to get lost in the jungle of websites.

In his lecture, Hartmut Wimmer, CEO & Founder of Outdooractive gives practical tips and concrete recommendations for action for destinations and tourism organizations.

For two years in a row Hartmut Wimmer was a speaker in the eTravel Lab at the ITB in Berlin. With over two decades of business experience he is one of the trail blazers in digitization of tourism. With his lecture he wants to show listeners how urgently digitization must be treated.

You can view the complete lecture here.


Core contents of the lecture

DMOs have to redefine their strategies. New technologies such as chatbots, AI & Co. are changing guest usage patterns and market development. Communication with guests is becoming more personal, more individual and, above all, more digital. The service for the guest is moving more and more into the foreground.

Negative trends such as overtourism, loss of trust and increasing competition are also forcing guests to rethink and act. Visitor guidance must be controlled digitally by the destinations in order to satisfy not only guests but also locals and avoid conflicts.

Classical marketing works less and less, honest content instead of empty marketing phrases increases authenticity. More and more tourists decide according to recommendations instead of advertising content.

Destinations have to start digitizing now. Finally Hartmut Wimmer gives 10 practical To Do’s as to how a successful digital transformation can work:

Over the next few months, we will take a closer look at these 10 points on our blog and in our newsletter. With practical tips, tricks and instructions, we will explain how digital transformation works in practice. You will learn exactly what is meant by the points and which measures you can start with right now. You can find the first article on this series over here.

Digital leadership for destinations. What are the first steps?

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