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The integration of touristic map content – an infinite process

Tourism is existential for many regions. Especially in rural or alpine areas, tourism has significantly changed the working and living conditions. In order to be perceived as attractive – but also to cover the interests of all touristic stakeholders – a well-developed road network and the relating leisure economy are needed. The basis for a successful concept is an attractive and diverse road infrastructure.

To communicate the touristic road network successfully, a detailed cartography is required that includes as much information from different sources as possible. However, there is no such thing as a complete and eternally valid map. External influences such as constructions, offer expansions or natural developments in vegetation initiate an endless process of regular map data updates. Correct and complete maps only exist, if they are constantly edited.

New maps for Trentino

The Outdooractive geo data is constantly changing in order to ensure that the Outdooractive map is always up-to-date and kept in a high-quality standard. The abovementioned external influences need to be made accessible to the map basis. It is a fact well-known that more can be achieved in a unity, which is why Outdooractive counts on the help of partners. Geographical data of the Trentino region – provided by our new cooperation partner, the cartography expert 4Land from Trient (Italy) – improves our map. Our users at popular destinations such as Lake Garda profit from the remarkably good quality. The most obvious improvement results from the integration of the official data of the Italian Alpine Association (CAI). Alpine hiking trails – as well as local place and summit names – are now illustrated in precise detail.

With map data by 4Land


Without map data by 4Land


In the course of developing map data for the Trentino region, the mountain bike network also becomes visible. It was created by Outdooractive on the basis of the official data of the Trient province. Guests can now look forward to more than 8,000 km of marked mountain bike trails through diverse terrain. Printed maps such as bike maps or brochures already include the update. Soon, this step will be applied on the entire digital platform and thus made available to all Outdooractive users – so that they can plan their next biking adventure in Northern Italy.