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The new DMS app for iOS is now available

Edit content, record routes and make improvements- all on the go. The DMS app allows you to do all of this on your mobile. The app was released last year based on a technology for Android devices and an update for the iOS version is now available and ready to be downloaded from Outdooractive’s partners in the store. We will be looking at some of the advantages of the DMS app in this feature.

Capturing the moment on site

Capturing the moment is what makes a trip special. With the help of the DMS app, content such as photos and current conditions can be uploaded and managed in situ. The voice control function can be used to put spoken content straight onto the database and by being able set the scene based on how things actually stand, you are creating something more emotive and of greater relevance to your guest.


Digital Route management with Outdooractive Facility

In addition to being able to input, process and maintain content whilst out and about, the DMS app also digitizes your route management. Available to purchase as an additional service you can, for example, document the positioning of signposts (or a lack of them) and by doing so help provide a matchless overview of the area that is created and controlled directly.

Data and content are the bedrock of successful tourism marketing and we are constantly striving to streamline the process of managing data so that together we can achieve our goal: bringing high quality and relevant data to guests and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

If you have questions about the DMS app, please contact our sales team via