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The Outdooractive Award will be presented for the first time at this year’s OAC

Outdooractive will be presenting for the first time the Outdooractive Award at this year’s Outdooractive Conference, being held on September 24, 2019. It honors partners who have shown outstanding performance in producing digital content on the Outdooractive Platform this year.

Outdooractive honors examples of best practice on the Outdooractive Platform

Outdooractive is continuously driving forward the digitization of the tourism sector and does so with ambitious vision. The award was created to showcase innovative Outdooractive Platform partners as examples of best practice.


High quality content and Explorers Choice as criteria

The Outdooractive Award is tied to the recently introduced ‘Explorers Choice’ Program. If a partner does a particularly good job of creating content on the Outdooractive Platform, he will be recognized for this by becoming an ‘Explorers Choice’. For this, the partner must exceed a certain rating.   If he achieves this, he will receive a badge on his profile that identifies him as an ‘Explorers Choice’.

In this context, good work means:

  • The quality of the partner‘s content
  • The amount of published content
  • How detailed or complete the partner‘s profile is

Three partners in the Explorers Choice Program will then be given the award.


A large marketing budget as a prize

Creating good content is worthwhile, because exemplary partners will receive a marketing package that will help increase their visibility on the Outdooractive Platform. Furthermore, the winners will be invited to the Outdooractive Conference.


The ceremony will take place at this year’s Outdooractive Conference

The ‘Outdooractive Award’ will be presented as part of the Outdooractive Conference on September 24, 2019 in the city castle in Immenstadt. The award ceremony will take place following the Outdooractive Info Event and starts at 5 pm. Both events are open to the public.

More information about the Award can be found here.


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