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The Outdooractive Travel Guide is your key to more visitors

Over the last 150 years of their existence, visitors have become accustomed to using guidebooks. Nowadays the informative content and a sophisticated structure of the Outdooractive Travel Guide have come to define and form a digital twin to let your visitors learn more about your destination and all the activities that are available.

The Outdooractive Travel Guide is created automatically for each region using polygons. The landing pages that are subsequently generated are then expanded with relevant content from a variety of sources. Intelligent algorithms create an optimal structure to showcase the most important features and attractions.

This is a set-up that is truly unique. Comparable platforms only offer simple lists or exclusively search within the radius of a specific city.

You are the experts of your destination and with the data and by combining the information you provide with our visibility, you get the best opportunity to increase interest in your destination. Prepare your content once and ensure visibility for eternity. With 400 automatically generated category landing pages per destination, the reach of your own website and the Outdooractive platform is increased.

So why not get started! Prepare your content in a qualitative and informative way to benefit from a top ranking on Google and other search engines.

Read in the next article what other possibilities there are with our updated combi and activity pages.