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Internationalization is a global topic. The spatial borders of tourism, trading, politics and society are blurring due to growing possibilities. Moreover, when it comes to the internet there are virtually no boundaries. Naturally, more possibilities increase demands.

This poses a challenge for the tourism sector. Guests determine the borders of a destination. According to guests a destination often includes several countries, states, counties or regions. A little self-check: If you hear the words “Lake Constance”, what does that mean to you in geographical terms? Or what about the Alps? For a successful guest communication a clustering of content as well as the cooperation of different service providers is necessary. Otherwise, the user gets lost in a sea of different online information.


Trails, tracks and maps for the international Lake Constance

The regional quadrangle Lake Constance came up with a border crossing solution. The international region Lake Constance consists of several regions (i.e. German Lake Constance, Thurgau, Vorarlberg, Upper Swabia) as well as several countries (i.e. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein). Lake Constance is the first Regio to provide international and border crossing tour offers. By now roughly 500 tours, which comply with specific quality conditions, have been integrated. The communications representative of the International Lake Constance Tourism GmbH, Markus Böhm, explains: “Thus, we offer our guests a customized choice of Lake Constance tours that are adapted to their needs and expectations. Furthermore, the Regio is rather helpful for consultations at our information desks.” This does not only provide guests with better service, but also a uniform overview of an entire region. Markus Böhm concludes: “The display of a region is depicted exactly the same way a guest experiences the Lake Constance region: without borders!”

View the solution of the regional quadrangle Lake Constance.

The trails, tracks and maps of the regional quadrangle Lake Constance