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News from product development (1)

In the following two articles we will show you what we have already implemented and are currently developing this year in the areas of product, content and cartography to offer you more inspiration, orientation and planning security.

Discover in this article our innovations and developments for more orientation and what has happened in terms of internationalization.


Improved functions in: Search, sort and filter

The revised search behavior on the map is now live for all Pro Alliance apps. The new clarity in the app provides guests with a clearer representation of the surrounding area as a basis for their planning.

The adjustments include the following new features:

  • The original “Search this area” and “Search again here” labels have been replaced with “Show content” and “Hide content”. “Show content” enables the automatic search when moving the map. By activating “Hide Content”, no content is shown on the map.
  • There are no more clusters. The top 25 results are shown as markers and the next 25 results as smaller dots.
  • The main navigation bar remains visible while in search mode. This means that the results remain on the map even if you switch between the search and “My Page”, for example.
  • The selected filter categories are displayed in a customized design when selected to make them more prominent. It is possible to select multiple categories.
  • Filter settings are retained across app restarts.
  • An additional search bar has been integrated for global search in the main menu.


Redesign for more clarity in the offline mode display

The redesign will offer an even clearer display of the current status on- or offline. The display is already live on Android, in iOS it is still in progress.
In this context, did you know that with Outdooractive Pro and Pro+ offline storage of tour details as well as map sections is possible?
You can find more information here.


Exclusive Premium Content: Swiss Topo Map Update + IGN Map Update

Outdooractive has completely revised the map in Switzerland using the best available data from swisstopo.

For all artificial and natural features in the map we use swissTLM3D. For contour lines, shading and gradients we use swissALTI3D. You can find more information about the geodata and maps from swisstopo that we use here.

Did you know?

  • We have been using data from swisstopo since 2012
  • Since 2017 we also offer the Outdooractive Map as a vector map.

In addition to updating the Swiss map, Outdooractive has also completely revised the map in France, using the best available data from IGN. For all man-made features and natural features in the map, we use IGN BD TopoV3. For contour lines, shading and gradients we use IGN BD Alti25. For more information about the geodata and maps we use from IGN, click here.


Preparations for the Norwegian platform:

Our internationalization is progressing consistently. After the successful acquisition of the Norwegian platform Outtt last year, we now offer Norwegian as the newest language in the My Business section.