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Use digital city tours to guide visitors and revitalize quiet areas

Example for a digital city-tour

Even in cities, well-known and much communicated sights are often overrun. The history of a city is often hidden in lesser-known corners as well. Why not show tourists and locals these unknown corners, where history is waiting to be found?
A good way to do this is to plan tours on Outdooractive, that pass by various POIs. These points can be highlighted in the tour and explained in detail with the help of a description. In addition, information about POIs or tours through the city can be recorded with our Audio Guide and the visitor can simply listen, just like in a city-tour bus or during a guided city tour.

In the course of the research project “Active City Innovation”, students are creating tours like this through Munich on Outdooractive. Here you can find tours with a wide variety of themes and varying levels of difficulty. In this way, tourists and residents get to know the city far from the mainstream and less visited places as well as restaurants are actively highlighted.
The latest tours of the project were created in line with the European Championships 2022. For example, some of the tours focus on one of the sports of the championships. First of all the focus is on the origin of the sport, then the tour leads to restaurants in the city where the culinary delights of the country of origin are served and to places where this sport can be played or where the historical background can be seen.

Among other things it is possible to use the tours on Outdooractive to extend events and to further immerse visitors.