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Web Route Planner: Data and service updates

The cornerstone of Outdooractive is its maps and the goal is to continue to develop all their associated services and optimize them with new applications. The quality of the routes suggested by Outdooractive’s route planner depends on how up-to-date the data is for both the existing trail network and the Outdooractive Routing Service. For all Pro and Pro+ users, especially in the D-A-CH region, the official data of surveying authorities is available. The Outdooractive route planner can also generate route suggestions using the data of OpenStreetMap (OSM).

OpenStreetMap’s global data has been updated

In April, the latest data from the OpenStreetMap project was transferred to Outdooractive’s Routing Service and from September, the data will be updated monthly.

New Software for the Routing Service

Since December 2018, the route suggestions have been calculated using a completely new routing service.  In a test phase that lasted several weeks, it successfully responded to all inquiries made in the latest Outdooractive apps using the word ‘hiking’. The new software has been in use since April in all current Outdooractive Route Planners to manage requests for ‘hiking’, ‘bike’ and ‘mountain bike’.

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