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Breaking down barriers – enabling “travel for everyone”

“We have been carrying out our work since 2009 to ensure that options for accessible leisure and vacations are expanded and made visible to guests. It is now only logical that we now include the existing information on accessibility in our travel planner, ”

explains Stefan Zindler, Managing Director of Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH.

Barrier-free hiking routes for prams, accommodation that is suitable for wheelchair users, museums with amenities for those with sensory impairments- nothing should be missing, especially during the holiday season. Planning should also be easy and convenient- with everything that is suitable available at a glance.

In order to meet high guest demands, the travel planner Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus now shows all certified barrier-free options in the state on the website With 8.5 million page views, the online service, which they initiated together with Europe’s largest outdoor platform, Outdooractive, is the most frequently used digital planning tool from RPT. The routes are maintained by tourist partners at a local and regional level.

“We have taken the first step by integrating the information on accessibility into our planning portal, this information will be next available in the app. Of course, it is not just about conveying information, but also about making the technology itself accessible, ”

adds Hartmut Wimmer, Founder & CEO of Outdooractive GmbH.

“Rhineland-Pfalz also benefits from the fact that the barrier-free services are offered across the entire Outdooractive platform and in many channels. By doing this we are also reaching guests who may not have chosen Rhineland-Pfalz yet,”

Wimmer continues.

Guests can now search for barrier-free cycling and hiking routes in the online portal and view suitable infrastructure along the way, such as excursion destinations, accommodation options or restaurants. Wherever there is information on accessibility in the form of the “Travel for All” certification, it is presented alongside the relevant testing reports thus a creating a reliable picture of local conditions.

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