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Tourism in the 2020s – a decade of tourism challenges

„2020 stands for a decade and time change. The beginning of a new era. The 1920s have already shown us that socially and politically everything was possible. We in the tourism industry are also facing a decade of challenges in tourism.”

At the turn of the year we entered the 20s of the 21st century. Does it mean a real change of times like in 1920s, which saw everything from high culture and the Golden Age to the Great Depression?

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Outdooractive in 2020 – An optimistic start

2020… what an awesome number for a year! We will not see another one like it until 3030- that is another 1010 years from now! And we are once again back in the 20s, which was a decade of the last century that was very much regarded in the history books as being golden. So apologies for my infectious enthusiasm and optimism when I wish you much health and happiness for 2020.

I think my optimism does not stem just from the magic of the year itself, but also all the new possibilities that Outdooractive has planned both for you and the furtherance of the tourism industry.  

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News from Outdooractive: the Web App ‘Map’

The new module Web App ‘Map’ is now available free-of-charge to all customers who already use web frontends such as Regio or Destination. Now you have the opportunity to give your guests an ‘empty’ map with which they can get their initial bearings and filter in content as desired before taking this outline to the Route Planner stage.

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Digitize your part of the world.

The basis of all digital processes is data. This is especially true in tourism. No inspiration, no travel planning, no booking and no on-site experience are conceivable without destination data in the future. ALL data. We have to start now! This article will tell you what you have to consider.

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