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Difficult times ask for action

A few months ago governments and individuals would have never imagined the state that we find ourselves in today. Within weeks, we all eventually realized: we are in this together. This is a crisis across all nations, industries and individuals.

At first, the crisis had a paralyzing effect on all of us. Due to the lack of experience, no-one was sure how to react and before we knew it, we were in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

Even so, companies and economic branches have already learned from the past: it is important to react to a crisis, share relevant information and inform stakeholders, guests and buyers accordingly. Slowly, communication and actions have started to spread widely across the globe.

In this article, we want to share our top 5 examples of exceptional communication and actions taken by brands and destinations in the outdoor and travel industry. These brands found their way out of paralysis and are using these difficult times in a positive way to show that everyone can do something to help, even if that is only to spread relevant information.

Following the motto “Let’s do everything we can to be able to go into the mountains again soon” Salewa Germany started producing sanitary equipment, such as aprons and masks, and started distributing them to hospitals and health workers in China. As the number of functional equipment is getting less and less every day, they want to contribute with their know-how to interrupt the transmission rate and guarantee additional protection.

The famous Austrian lemonade, Almdudler, engaged in a campaign to support the local gastronomy in Austria. For each bottle sold over their online shop, they donate 10 cents to local restaurants and huts. This shows the solidarity and support of the brand towards their community and local industry. With their donations focused on their online sales, they want to encourage people to stay at home, whilst still being able to connect with their brand. They spread this message through a post on their LinkedIn page as well as on their website.

In order to keep the public informed about current closures, lockdowns or developments, multi-channel communication is more important than ever. Our client, “Thüringer Wald”, utilized the reach of our global platform, as well as their own brand, to distribute important information to the combined audiences regarding the Covid-19 situation within their region. Using the “current conditions feature” they keep their guests informed about closures and lockdowns and spread the communication over various channels, like their own route portal, the Outdooractive website and social media.

The landing page of a destination is the best way to link to relevant information on the current situation. Our client Harz Tourism created a subpage specifically with information for visitors and guests, completely separate from the information relevant for tour operators & regional hosts.

Communication is very important, but what about those who have gone a step further and are not only communicating, but also showing action?

Focus Bikes, a bike shop in the heart of Stuttgart offers bikes free of charge to locals who need to deliver medicine or to small restaurant owners who need to get their deliveries across town. Interested people can reach out to them via their LinkedIn-post or message them directly. A great symbol of solidarity and sharing in these hard times, whilst at the same time giving their brand relevance and awareness.

We hope we have given you an inspirational overview of the different ways brands and destinations have become active during these difficult times. Maybe even so much so that you want to contribute in a similar way, or have you already? Let us know and share your findings and experiences over on our LinkedIn board.