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Intelligent Data and Systems are the Foundation of Future Guest Communication!

In recent years artificial intelligence (AI) has been a recurring topic in tourism. Due to efficient technologies it has invaded day-to-day life and thus reached a new dimension of automated communication. Today, personal assistants including Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, but also automated services such as chatbots, support our daily routines – often unconsciously. Soon touristic content will reach guests primarily via intelligent systems. An early awareness of upcoming challenges, which will develop out of a changed deployment and usage of touristic information, is essential for the future of destination marketing.

In-depth data structures are the basis for future technologies. Structured data bases (such as Outdooractive’s Business) are a very important source that provide personal assistants with the ability to find information more easily as well as the ability to evaluate relevance. In his speech “Digitization of Outdoor Tourism: Future Prospects and Research Development” expert Martin Soutschek will present the importance of data structures and data quality with the help of suitable examples. It will be made apparent that artificial intelligence can only provide good results if data – on the basis of which answers and recommendations are generated – is available in sufficient quality. In order to be able to use AI-technologies in tourism effectively and efficiently it is not enough to only solve the technical challenges, but to be aware of the responsibility of data quality. Tourism’s potentials can only be fully exploited through an interdisciplinary network of people and data streams.


More information on how Outdooractive meets these challenges and what solutions we develop in cooperation with our partners will be made available on our Corporate Blog in due time. You can also visit us at the ITB in Berlin to talk about the use of artificial intelligence in order to achieve your goals.
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