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News from Outdooractive: the Web App ‘Map’

The new module Web App ‘Map’ is now available free-of-charge to all customers who already use web frontends such as Regio or Destination. Now you have the opportunity to give your guests an ‘empty’ map with which they can get their initial bearings and filter in content as desired before taking this outline to the Route Planner stage.

The new Web App Map will present guests with a clearer map that is less cluttered with superfluous content. This is unlike, for example, the Route Finder where suggested routes, huts, POIs, etc. are already displayed. The idea behind the Web App ‘Map’ is to provide guests with a plain map on which they can orientate themselves and search for places and destinations which they can then view in a more impartial manner. All customers who use a web frontend can integrate the web app ‘Map’ free-of-charge. Have a look at the case study, to see how the integration can look.

Web App Map vs. Web App Route Finder


Different layers and contents can be displayed as usual and as needed.

  • Global map data
    • Summer and winter maps based on OpenStreetMap
    • Satellite imagery for Pro/Pro+
  • The Outdooractive map with official data for Pro/Pro+
  • Topographic maps for Pro/Pro+
  • Official maps of the Alpine clubs for Pro+
  • Swisstopo (Switzerland) for Pro+
  • IGN (Institut geographique national, France) for Pro+
  • Regions and places search functions
  • A detailed view of all geographical features (contour lines, terrain steepness, avalanche warnings, etc …)
  • Overlays of various content (routes, huts, excursion destinations, etc.)
  • The trail networks for various sporting activities for Pro/Pro+


If you have questions about the new Web App ‘Map’ do not hesitate to ask our Sales or Professional Service Team.