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No more relaunch: the Destination-Web as a component of a digital holistic solution

A website, as part of the digital overall strategy, is the figurehead of the virtual shop window in the World Wide Web. The Destination-Web is the state-of-the-art website of Outdooractive with maximum individualization. It is, like all components of a digital overall strategy, an output channel for the central Outdooractive database. The following blog entry will provide you with further information on what makes the Destination-Web so special.

With the implementation of the Destination-Web, destinations lay the foundation for a holistic destination management. Over the years Outdooractive has built the platform from the base in a way to make sure that all the needs of destinations and their guests are covered (database, DMS, app, web frontends). The Destination-Web is the last component of Outdooractive’s digital overall solution.


What differentiates the Destination-Web from an ordinary website?

The destination-web may be received by the end observer as a “normal” website, but the system behind it is by no means ordinary: the destination-web is an individualizable output channel of the Outdooractive database and thus profits from several advantages. It does not need to be separately programmed, everything is done out-of-the-box. With just a few, simple clicks you can integrate different templates, themes and widgets to your website. A relaunch is no longer necessary in order to change content as they are integrated via the DMS and directly added to the destination-web.


How does the Destination-Web work?

To integrate a personal branding the “framework” of the website is configured once. Everything is up to customer: which modules (e.g. integration of a guest map, chatbot, etc.) should be integrated on the destination-web, how the menu is structured and what the start or introductory page look like. All published elements are variable and can be maintained by the partner via the DMS at all times. You can choose all content of the Outdooractive database (e.g. tours, events, POI, 3D-videos, stories, etc.) and integrate them in different design elements. Even individual content such as images, advertisements for guest maps, etc. can be incorporated.

modular system of the Destination-Web in the Outdooractive DMS

The geographical travel guide navigation of the Outdooractive platform is available and can be used as a basis for data- and navigation structure. However, it is of course possible to display your own navigation: free menu design, freely definable pages and much more. Even the community is involved with the destination-web. Users can search for tours and destinations in a customized design. The partner gets an own dataset of user information and can use them for upcoming campaigns.

In addition, the destination web presents a uniform customer appearance across all output channels. Whether desktop, mobile or app version: the menu structure, the contents and the individual pages are the same everywhere.

Moreover, the out-of-the-box-product underlies the SaS-principle (software as a service). Software developments, backups, hosting, support and the Outdooractive cartography are included in the annual license. Thus, the destination-web remains up-to-date in the long run and is compatible with future developments – no relaunch necessary.

The Destination-Web for agencies

The destination-web is a future-oriented web-technology that provides agencies with the opportunity to create a more efficient website and simultaneously offer their customers the advantages of the platform. Outdooractive merely provides the digital platform: tasks such as branding, design, campaigns, contents, print products and suchlike are taken care of by the respective agency. First partners are already working with the Outdooractive products.


Destination-Web as a part of the Destination Suite

The destination-web is a component for the touristic overall solution of Outdooractive: the Destination Suite. It provides all digital tools for the administration of data, addressing guests and reporting in one:

components of the Destination Suite


Outdooractive-Inside: the holistic destination management

The Destination Suite is the main topic of the information event Outdooractive Inside in the run-up to the Outdooractive Conference that takes place on September 18, 2018 at the castle of Immenstadt. The event is public and free of charge.

To learn more about Destination Suite, click here.