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OPEN DATA in Tourism

Why is Outdooractive interested in OPEN DATA?

Outdooractive manages a lot of touristic data of destinations in one central database solution. The distribution of data has been a core task of Outdooractive for many years. Several output channels have already been connected to the content-marketing network.

What is OPEN DATA?

To put it simply, the term “open data” describes the intention to make data publicly available to everyone. In the future, the distribution of standardized data will become even more important. Only if data can be reused and processed by anyone for any purpose – without restrictions or fees – it is considered to be open data. Therefore, right now is the right time to discuss OPEN DATA in order to find a common solution.

What data do we want to publish and how?

This topic is not about making customer-related information accessible to others, but about data with a touristic reference. These include events, current news, region and location descriptions, tour and activity trails, accommodations, attractions and sights as well as stories, pictures and videos.

To ensure openness, the information must be provided in a format that can easily be read and edited by interfaces, databases and machines. Tourism managers must ensure that their data can be used at any given time with the help of other software solutions. Furthermore, the access to data must be guaranteed at all times.

Why are license regulations important for OPEN DATA?

In order to create a digital data infrastructure based on open data, you need uniform and sensibly structured data sets. A software needs to be able to automatically understand the relation between individual objects and link them together.

But even if information is freely accessible, there usually is an author who provides said information. To protect the author’s rights, everyone who wants to use data is obliged to follow OPEN DATA guidelines.

OPEN DATA projects with Outdooractive

Round Table OPEN DATA

For the first time in January 2018, in cooperation with Outdooractive, the round table concerning Open Data by Tourismuszukunft took place. This issue was discussed during on open panel, while other already existing projects were introduced. Some of the attendants presented activities and projects concerning the topics of open and structured data, digital data acquisition, data management and distribution. You can find more about the results of the round table here.

Think Tank OPEN DATA

For the second time, Outdooractive and the Kempten University of Applied Sciences are organizing the OPEN DATA Think Tank at the Outdooractive Conference on September 18. It provides the opportunity for vivid discussions about one of the most important topics in future tourism. Building on last year’s Think Tank’s findings, selected experts will discuss how a digital open-data infrastructure based on a Linked Open Data (LOD) approach can be realized in the tourism industry.

As there have already been initiatives and approaches to standardize real-time data streams in tourism at a national and European level, it is essential to find a coordinated path for the industry on a common basis. It is also crucial to raise the awareness of new leadership qualities to achieve a sustainable success in the digital transformation for all players in tourism.

“Bayern Cloud” in tourism

Another project was launched in early 2018 which uses selective scenarios to investigate as to how open data can be used to exploit the potentials for different players in tourism more effectively. Under the direction of the Kempten University of Applied Sciences and in cooperation with the Allgäu GmbH, fortriss and Hubermedia, Outdooractive works on the project “Bayern Cloud in tourism”. The Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy and Technology supports this work. It should provide conclusions of how to apply the sustainable approach to the entire state as well as how tourism in Bavaria can profit from a better network of initiatives on a national level and in Europe due to a concrete added value.

What do you think about OPEN DATA?

To build a successful digital data infrastructure in tourism, there can only be one common path. That is why we want to include you. A current public understanding is important in order to achieve something together in the future. Thus, we came up with a survey You can find the results here.