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Outdooractive voted as the best hiking app by the Süddeutsche Zeitung

The Outdooractive app has once again been confirmed as the frontrunner among hiking apps, achieving a perfect score. Whether in high-alpine regions or urban exploration, the Outdooractive app has proven itself to be the most comprehensive solution for all outdoor sports. For almost 30 years, outdoor enthusiasts have relied on the numerous features offered by our platform.

Recently, the Süddeutsche Zeitung conducted a test, rigorously evaluating various outdoor apps. Under the guidance of expert Bernhard Lerner, Chairman of the Mountain and Hiking Association Harmony of 1895, a total of 10 points were awarded per app. Only Outdooractive managed to completely convince the experts.

A key factor that sets Outdooractive apart from the competition is its diverse map material. In addition to the OpenStreetMap base used by all five app providers, Outdooractive is the only provider offering six additional specialized maps. In the Pro or partially in the Pro+ subscription, topographic maps are available, as well as maps from Outdooractive, various Alpine clubs, KOMPASS, ADAC, and HARVEY. Bernhard Lerner emphasizes, “No other app in the test can offer more.” He adds, “This is ideal for the ambitious outdoor enthusiast who wants to plan everything themselves.”

Another unique aspect of the Outdooractive app is the routes, largely sourced from official channels, be it destinations, guides, or Alpine clubs. This adds real value through the knowledge of experienced staff who are particularly familiar with the region.

Empowering Your Destination with Our Expertise

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Link to the article: Süddeutsche Zeitung

About Outdooractive:
Outdooractive is Europe’s leading digital platform for outdoor tourism. In the Outdooractive app and website, outdoor enthusiasts from around the world find over a million tour and route descriptions in 180 countries. Outdooractive provides precise global maps developed for outdoor leisure activities, a useful digital guide, and a unique routing technology that considers hazard warnings and temporary trail closures.

Outdooractive not only helps private users discover their next adventure but is also utilized and appreciated by outdoor professionals. Outdooractive Business delivers unique technology, digitization, and marketing solutions for thousands of Destination Managers (DMOs) and tourism organizations, connecting them with a global audience of outdoor enthusiasts and tourists.