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Preventing conflicts in nature through digitalization – “Digitize the Planet” in BR report

(German video report; please turn on subtitles for English)

In a report by the “Bayerischen Rundfunks” (Bavarian Radio), the non-profit association “Digitize the Planet” was featured. The aim of the association is to digitize all relevant regulations, including the laws and local rules for the sustainable use of the environment. The Nagelfluhkette Nature Park is one of the pilot regions implementing a digital project to combat the degradation of nature.

In revised maps of the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park and other regions, all protected areas will be marked and provided with the corresponding rules of conduct. When standard route planning portals then integrate the free maps, users will be able to see at a single glance exactly what is permitted and what is not within the region. The aim is to encourage hikers, mountain bikers and other nature lovers to take a more active role in nature conservation by providing education and information.

“Unfortunately, when visitors stand in front of a prohibited areas sign with their rucksacks already packed, they often won’t let themselves be deterred from their previously made plans,” says Max Löther from the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park.

In an initial meeting, Sebastian Sarx from “Digitize the Planet” and Max Löther from the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park have already compiled all relevant documents such as the relevant laws, ordinances and regulations and discussed the first steps to be taken.

Hartmut Wimmer, founder and CEO of Outdooractive, is a member of the board and one of the founding members of the non-profit association. Outdooractive wants to use the project to better prevent future conflicts between nature enthusiasts and the local people such as alpine shepherds and conservationists.