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Real added value for guests: practical winter tools with Outdooractive

In winter, guests are particularly dependent on tour recommendations and tools, because then the selection of suitable tours is usually more difficult than in summer: which cross-country skiing trails are open, where are the most beautiful toboggan tracks and where the deep snow slopes best suited for a ski tour? And once again it becomes clear that current data is the nuts and bolts, especially in winter. Without it, most tools are worthless and even the safety of users is at risk.

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Guests lose confidence in classic forms of advertising

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to gain people’s attention and trust with classic advertising techniques, because advertising has lost credibility. Especially in tourism, the changing patterns in media usage as well as strong competitors are increasing pressure on destinations. Classic forms of advertising are no longer sufficient – user-generated content on the other hand is becoming more and more important. For tourism, this development represents a great opportunity, but at the same time an extreme challenge.

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One of our Partners: Onlim

Even in times of digitization, guest service has remained a priority in tourism. But what if service can no longer be provided by employees that are preoccupied with other tasks? How can tourism fulfill the guests’ expectations of around-the-clock availability?

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