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OPEN DATA in Tourism

Why is Outdooractive interested in OPEN DATA?

Outdooractive manages a lot of touristic data of destinations in one central database solution. The distribution of data has been a core task of Outdooractive for many years. Several output channels have already been connected to the content-marketing network.

What is OPEN DATA?

To put it simply, the term “open data” describes the intention to make data publicly available to everyone. In the future, the distribution of standardized data will become even more important. Only if data can be reused and processed by anyone for any purpose – without restrictions or fees – it is considered to be open data. Therefore, right now is the right time to discuss OPEN DATA in order to find a common solution.

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A complete success: Outdooractive Roundtable “Open Data in Tourism” at the Tourism Camp 2018

Open Data in Tourism is considered to be an essential theme of the tourism sector’s future, but its development is still in its early stages. However, in the run-up to the 11th “Tourismuscamp”, “Tourismuszukunft” initiated a roundtable on January 28, 2018 discussing open data in tourism. Next to more transparency in already existing sector projects, the roundtable focused on the active support of collaborations and integrative cooperations.

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The Outdooractive Roundtable Open Data is the kickoff of the Tourism Camp

In 2018 tourism has to face great challenges. New technologies require comprehensive rethinking when it comes to digitization. The topic of Open Data has become the focal point of the development of new and digital data management. Against this background Outdooractive has been organizing a roundtable concerning this topic on January 26, 2018. As part of the Tourism Camp, an initiative of the digital consulting company „Tourismuszukunft“, a joint discussion about future development forms the focus of the roundtable.

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