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The new visibility: content that is perceived

The digital world is moving fast. For us at Outdooractive it is therefore particularly important to know what happens “outside” – to keep an eye on the market and analyze it. We follow trends and take them into account in our developments.

While we at Outdooractive are currently working on a new measurability standard for tourism, in America visibility has been redefined and made more measurable. Making our report as resilient as possible is also our goal at Outdooractive. This is the only way to make Outdooractive’s world transparent and assessable for our customers. With the help of metrics such as insertions and page impressions, we measure the reach of content and messages within the framework of the Outdooractive Platform.


Adaptation to international marketing standards

Successful advertising must be able to do many things: It has to attract attention and interest, at the same time inform, arouse needs and get the target group to act. The basis, however, is that it is perceived in the first place.


In the digital advertising industry, ads are placed as clickable banners on websites and displayed to a user when he or she visits them. The decisive measure of perception is insertion. The more frequently banners are clicked, the higher the click rates and the more successful the campaigns.




What does “fade-in” actually mean?

Just because ads are displayed on websites or in apps does not necessarily mean they are seen. In many cases, advertising banners appear on positions that users only see partially or not at all during their page visit.


In spite of everything, many systems regard them as valid insertions. Exactly like the ones that result from so-called non-human traffic – i.e. page views generated by automated crawlers or bots. As a result, important measured values such as click rates dilute and often negatively influence marketing measures and strategic decisions.




Of viewability and visible inserts

While the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. (BVDW)  (Federal Association of the Digital Economy) is still debating standards for the delivery of advertising materials, in the USA the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Media Ration Council (MRC) have already developed a definition for the visibility of digital advertisements as a new industry standard in 2015.


According to this definition, a classic fade-in becomes a visible fade-in when it is displayed in the browser window of the page visitor. The crucial additional condition is that it is given a realistic chance to be seen:


For display ads, 50% of the ad is visible in the browser window for at least 1 second.

For video ads: 50% of the ad is visible in the browser window for at least 2 seconds.

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