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Outdooractive in 2020 – An optimistic start

2020… what an awesome number for a year! We will not see another one like it until 3030- that is another 1010 years from now! And we are once again back in the 20s, which was a decade of the last century that was very much regarded in the history books as being golden. So apologies for my infectious enthusiasm and optimism when I wish you much health and happiness for 2020.

I think my optimism does not stem just from the magic of the year itself, but also all the new possibilities that Outdooractive has planned both for you and the furtherance of the tourism industry.  

Our work in the last years- setting the foundation for the best outdoor travel guide

Recent times have seen us investing all our energy into building the framework for the best travel guide aimed at outdoor enthusiasts that has resulted in:

  • A more robust and scalable structure to our platform that comprises software components that build on each other across all front ends- both digital and analog (Outdooractive Business as a further version of the Outdooractive DMS).
  • A consistent increase in the variety and range of content generated by our partners in the tourism industry (to date 8 million registered users of other platforms have access to content from Outdooractive).
  • Constant development of our
  • The Establishment of an Open Data Platform in which all of our customers’ data is already being sold as Creative Commons.

We have readied everything for you to make 2020 a pioneering year for the tourism industry. Pioneering in the sense that we want to focus on the main topic of us ‘connecting our customers with the guest’. At the same time thanks to the technological innovations of the last few years and the new Outdooractive Business Solutions team, we are in a position to now concentrate again on your projects. The following expands on these two topics

“We connect our customers with the guest” or “Content must be effective”

Our goal: To make the guest a well-known customer

The issue: the correct use and application of content

We have invested a lot of time and money into creating content and digitizing our tourism landscape. Whilst this process is continual, we still need to consider in 2020 how we can use what has been done with the content so far to make guests our customers. I am a little sceptical about open data: it might manifest across increasing channels, but you will still not know any more about your guest.

It is a dilemma that you cannot be content to simply leave. With the guest as the main focus, here are some approaches to solve the issue in 2020.

  • Outdooractive thinks ahead: Community potential and getting to know the guest better

At Outdooractive, we like to think ahead whilst knowing that simply increasing the amount of content for each destination is not enough to capture the guest. As a content platform, however, we know that increasing tourism channels and diversifying with additional platforms can bring about this connection. There are platforms with over 8 million registered users that are viewing content that comes from Outdooractive and we intend to make it possible in 2020 for all of these 8 million to connect- including directly- with you, our customers.

Outdooractive’s Destination and Regio+ front-end technology builds up your own destination community so that you can get to really know your guest and thus have a basis to successfully market to individuals who would otherwise be increasingly difficult to reach. 

  • Outdooractive Insight – Solid user data in a collaborative tool

We also aim to make a guest’s data accessible on an anonymized basis across all Outdooractive applications. This represents another fundamental difference between other platforms and Outdooractive, with our view being that the user represents a data set that we make available to you as opposed to retaining it only for our own purposes. Outdooractive Insight, the market research and reporting tool, provides you with information about what the guest really does for you across all platforms and the 2500 channels operated by Outdooractive. We are talking about all guests, not just the ones who come to stay in the destination. Outdooractive Insight will become the tool for planning, managing and looking after your guests.

The bottom line: Technology means a 360°- Solution

For Outdooractive 2020 calls for technology to mean a 360°-solution across all digital and analog output channels, digitization services, direct guest communication and market research to allow them combine meaningfully and to let your content take effect.

From the use of technology to market research, the possibilities of the Outdooractive platform


Outdooractive Business Solutions – individual solutions based on a strong platform

Outdooractive has been very consistent in the development of its products. This is to the advantage of our customers, who have valued Software as a Service as a calculable and sustainable provision of an always technically first-class solution. And sometimes complaints were made about the resulting lack of a 100% customization. Based on our platform software, we can now take the step of making our products more customizable. For this purpose, we founded a business unit at the beginning of 2020: Outdooractive Business Solutions.

Digital services with customer proximity

This business unit brings together members of the Editorial, Cartography, Project Management, Professional Services and the ​Customer Service (formerly sales) teams, all of whom have been involved in the creation of excellent content and who are there to advise, support and provide you with the best solutions.

Our customizable product range

When it comes to our software solutions, customizations can be made if necessary. You will always have the choice between standardized products and individual products: an inexpensive and high-quality tour book with excellent graphics as a standard product or an individually created print product. An automated and cheaper Mini Map or an individualized Outdooractive map. And of course there is the basic Outdooractive Regio or the customnized web or app product.

Outdooractive product range – from standard to highly individualized products

Do you understand my optimism now? 2020 will see us lead you into a successful and very exciting year. One in which we will implement and put into effect a lot of useful and sustainable changes. We look forward to having you use our services- so that you can concentrate on your building tourism.