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Turning the tourist world upside down with the Outdooractive Travel Guide

It is no longer news that destination websites are playing less and less of a role and that industry platforms are taking over the servicing of guests, as is already common practice with package tours, accommodation, flights, table reservations, and rental cars. Right now, tour portals and portals for experiences are on the rise.

Exactly the same thing is happening with the rest of the trip planning information such as inspiration, information, current conditions, and navigation. Travel guides are being created on all the major platforms, and even Google is no longer sending users to destination websites once all the content has been picked up and integrated into the Google Knowledge Graph. Even open data, state databases, and federal knowledge graphs can’t do anything about that.

We at Outdooractive have found our own answer to this: We build a worldwide travel guide ourselves together with our destinations and all service providers. Outdooractive’s special positioning between a community platform and a B2B SaaS provider makes something unique possible: DMOs can build a powerful DMO platform together with us. We provide the technology and the DMOs fill it with content. We provide the reach and the DMOs take care of the guests. How does that sound?

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A hiking destination as a pioneer of digital visitor management

Bad Peterstal-Griesbach is a pioneer in the introduction of digital visitor guidance in a hiking destination. Several parking lots for hikers are already being digitally tracked to determine how many cars are parked there. Nine WiFi trackers are currently being installed in the tourist information office, at the swimming pool, and at other important guest contact points. This data is transferred centrally to Destination Insights on Outdooractive.

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New Release: The Outdooractive Audio Guide

Experience the Outdooractive Audio Guide: a brand-new mobile feature that offers destinations visitor guidance capabilities through immersive audio storytelling.

With the launch of the new feature, destinations can now create fully personalized audio files linked with points of interest that are directly playable on the Outdooractive mobile map.

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Digitalizing an Outdoor Destination

Distretto Turistico dei Laghi secures its future success with Outdooractive

By working with Outdooractive Italia, Distretto Turistico dei Laghi supports and accompanies its guests throughout their entire trip. With the digitalization of its destination offer, the Piedmont Region Tourism Authority gains access to a fast-growing community and sends its messages to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

The project team, Silvia Longo Dorni and Silvia Lorenzini – Marketing and Communication Officers – and Simona Paracchini, Administrative Manager of Distretto Turistico Laghi (Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, Lake Mergozzo and Ossola Valleys), made a conscious decision to use Outdooractive during the pandemic:

“Concerning the development of our outdoor offer, we recognized in 2020 the need to promote our destination abroad, especially in our target markets, France, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands.”

Unlike a normal advertising campaign, Distretto Turistico dei Laghi achieves lasting and sustainable visibility with Outdooractive. By maintaining their destination content in the industry-leading destination management system, Outdooractive Business, they increase their reach across the entire Outdooractive platform.

A detailed target group analysis implemented by Outdooractive determines the preferences of the destination’s future visitors and serves as an important aid for addressing the right guests.
Find out the exciting background in the interview with the project team.


Optimized overview of maps, trails, activities, and much more

The new design of the Map Layer Panel makes it possible to gain a complete overview of all maps, styles, trails, activities, and additional layers, in a single glance.

Thanks to an intuitive visualization of available outdoor maps, digital trail networks and other helpful applications, we provide an optimized user experience for ideal route planning.

The new design of the Map Layer emphasizes the functionality of the different elements. As a result, users see more options than ever before, regardless of the screen size of their mobile device.

The general functionality of the Map Layer remains the same apart from the design changes. These changes apply to all frontends on the platform. The design update will be available on the web (desktop/mobile) first. With the changes in the app to follow.

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All prepared: The platform’s software already speaks 15 languages

What is the best way to reach potential guests? From our point of view, by addressing them directly in their national language.

To address new, international guests, the Outdooractive platform software has already been prepared for this purpose and is available in 15 languages.

At Outdooractive, native speakers take care of the precise and correct translation of the entire platform software.

So you no longer need to invest in an external programming Everything is already done by us.

With Outdooractive, you can combine all tourist content in a single database. Tours, accommodations, restaurants, bookable offers, events, current conditions, weather, webcams and much more useful information.

Then all the info is distributed: on your destination’s own website, the websites of tourism partners, and throughout the Outdooractive network. This increases the reach of your content many times over.

Hindi and Japanese will follow

We are far from having reached the end of the journey; the next languages are already knocking on the portal’s door. Soon, the platform will additionally speak Japanese and Hindi.


Outdooractive acquires tour portal Sentres

Outdooractive is pleased to announce the integration of Sentres, the leading portal specializing in tours, activities and accommodation in South Tyrol.

The acquisition is part of Outdooractive’s consistent international growth strategy. It expands the available product portfolio for our tourism partners.

They can look forward to additional opportunities to give their POI an optimal advertising presence on the Outdooractive platform and benefit from visibility in an active target group of more than 20 million users.

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Outdooractive x theCrag

A cooperation for the climbing community and for the destinations that want to reach them

Two of the biggest names in the outdoor and climbing sector are joining up, bringing more content to Outdooractive users, and more web presence to destinations. It’s official: Outdooractive is cooperating with theCrag, the world’s largest climbing and bouldering platform.

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Small destination, digitized big

Image: ©Kur und Tourismus GmbH Bad Peterstal-Griesbach

May we introduce: Our innovative pilot customer Bad Peterstal-Griesbach – national park community in the heart of the Black Forest. Together with us, they go through the complete program of digitization of a destination: from the map to individual guest profiles.

“Besides Oberstaufen, we are the first and only premium hiking destination in Germany. Therefore it is crucial for us to work with a strong partner, who understands us exactly and equips us with the best technology,” says Axel Singer, Managing Director of Kur- und Tourismus GmbH Bad-Peterstal Griesbach.

They are now the first customer to use Outdooractive’s entire range of solutions to digitize their destination and design it for the benefit of their guests.

They rely on our tried-and-tested database, into whose optimal structure all content can be easily imported.

Based on this, Bad Peterstal-Griesbach creates the foundations with its own digital travel guide to benefit from the automatic, generic reach provided by Outdooractive.

And of course, the overall package, as used by Bad Peterstal-Griesbach, provides the right answers to questions about digital visitor guidance right along with it.

Look forward to further insights into the collaboration in the future and follow our joint milestones on the way to digital Bad Peterstal Griesbach.