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Hotel bookings – Outdooractive is the pole to the monopoly

Three well-known portals form the pinnacle of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). A 2020 study by “Hotrec” (A European umbrella organization for restaurants and hotels) shows that 30% (up 10.2%  from 2013) of hotel bookings in Europe are made using these portals. At the same time, direct bookings have decreased to 45.5% (a 10% reduction from 2013).

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Digital visitor management – holistic and sustainable

In order to properly guide and direct your visitors, an end-to-end digital solution is needed. By the time a family has planned a day trip early on Saturday or Sunday and set off by car, it is already too late for meaningful guidance. This is because they do not have a Plan B with them when they hit traffic jams along the road and parking lots have filled up over the morning. Even crowded hiking trails, beaches and places to refreshment stops can no longer be avoided. The increasing number of tourists at popular spots and the pressure this places on the environment and infrastructure inevitably causes problems.

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Use digital city tours to guide visitors and revitalize quiet areas

Example for a digital city-tour

Even in cities, well-known and much communicated sights are often overrun. The history of a city is often hidden in lesser-known corners as well. Why not show tourists and locals these unknown corners, where history is waiting to be found?
A good way to do this is to plan tours on Outdooractive, that pass by various POIs. These points can be highlighted in the tour and explained in detail with the help of a description. In addition, information about POIs or tours through the city can be recorded with our Audio Guide and the visitor can simply listen, just like in a city-tour bus or during a guided city tour.

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Management of Premium-Routes

Trail Management in My Business

Bad Peterstal-Griesbach has established itself as a premium hiking destination and set the focus on the quality of the hiking experience. With 4 certified premium trails and a well-maintained network of hiking trails, the small municipality in the National Park region is making a name for itself as a destination for quality-conscious hiking holidaymakers. To achieve this level of high quality, the municipality has digitalized its trail management on the basis of Outdooractive Trail Management.

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QR Codes: a better alternative

Example of a service board for Bad Peterstal-Griesbach

Due to changing information 50% or more of print brochures often have to be thrown away at the end of the year. Are you maintaining and renewing information boards on a regular basis? A cheaper and sustainable alternative without maintenance costs are space and resource saving QR codes.

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Get to know your guests digitally provide them with guidance

Digital identities enable personalized marketing, reduce administrative processes and are forgery-proof. The best-known current example of a digitalized identity is the digital vaccination certificate.

If we draw a comparison with the tourism industry, it is still in its infancy. This is mainly due to authorities and a lack of interfaces, as Dirk Rogel, a specialist for digitalization trends in the tourism industry, explains in the article “How digital identities replace tickets and tour guides“.

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Managing illegal trails and routes

Many destinations suffer from the consequences of mountain bikers traveling on unauthorized trails and hiking trails. It is important to understand the conflicts that can arise and distinguish between illegal trails (i.e. trails that are built or used illegally, and trails that are allowed to be used by law) and multi-use trails for mountain bikers and hikers as well as horseback riders on trails, ski tourers on ski trails, or pedestrians on cross-country ski trails.

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Influencing sustainable tourism with the new social sharing function

Social Media has forever changed the way we consume, think about, and interact with the tourism industry. On popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, all generations of travelers are now being influenced by photos and videos posted by friends and favorite travel accounts. In fact, 84% of millennials and 73% of non-millennials are likely or very likely to plan a trip based on vacation photos or social media updates (amp agency, 2016).

In recognizing the role of social media and its impact on tourism, there is also mounting pressure for destinations to focus additional effort on sustainability —  effectively guiding visitors and maintaining a balance of traffic between hotspots and lesser-known routes. With Outdooractive’s new social sharing function, destinations and business partners can easily influence sustainable change during the guests’ planning stage.

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Guide visitors away from the mainstream with POI Challenges

In the context of today’s overtourism challenges, creating better places for visitors and locals starts with effective visitor guidance. Outdooractive’s new POI Challenges offers destinations an additional resource to influence the distribution of tourism traffic by incentivizing guests to visit little-known places in a fun way. The feature now makes it easy to reduce overcrowding of hotspots, boost less-popular attractions, as well as develop completely new points of interest.  

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