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Outdooractive International: Cooperation with Slovenia

In order to promote tourism in a country, it is necessary to use digital solutions for destinations and organizations. Slovenia took this step and the cooperation with Outdooractive has convinced the tourism office of digital destination management from one single source.

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OPEN DATA in Tourism

Why is Outdooractive interested in OPEN DATA?

Outdooractive manages a lot of touristic data of destinations in one central database solution. The distribution of data has been a core task of Outdooractive for many years. Several output channels have already been connected to the content-marketing network.

What is OPEN DATA?

To put it simply, the term “open data” describes the intention to make data publicly available to everyone. In the future, the distribution of standardized data will become even more important. Only if data can be reused and processed by anyone for any purpose – without restrictions or fees – it is considered to be open data. Therefore, right now is the right time to discuss OPEN DATA in order to find a common solution.

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Get in touch with your guests: digital guest communication

In future, a successful digital guest communication can secure destinations with decisive competitive advantages. It is the most important tool to improve the own service offers. With today’s status quo of data quality and new technologies, a personalized and consistent response is achieved that meets the expectations of the target audience. Find out which touchpoints Outdooractive creates between guests and destination in this blog article.

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Let’s shape the future of tourism

Shaping the future of digital tourism

We need your assistance for the new workshop format at the 6th Outdooractive Conference. The “digitization forge” shapes and forges future plans for tourism.

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#oac18 – supporting program on September 19, 2018

Shaping the future of digital tourism – the annual Outdooractive Conference (September 18-20) goes into its sixth round. Next to interesting and informational presentations, the event is supported by a diverse and fun framework program to ensure a relaxing event. The joint outdoor program promises lots of action and time to get to know everyone. The mountain paradise around the Ofterschwanger Horn provides the ideal location.

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Outdooractive Conference 2018: Shaping the future of digital tourism

Once again the goal of the annual OAC at the town castle of Immenstadt is to openly discuss challenges, problems, possibilities and solutions with our top-class speakers and participants. New impulses and suggestions, that are forming the shape of the digital future of tourism, will also be introduced by our two keynote speakers at the OAC.

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News at Outdooractive: Pro membership and a new app for the outdoor community

Outdooractive has one very ambitious and continuous aim: to improve existing products and to develop new ones. The newest innovations from the development department are the new Outdooractive App and the freemium-model Pro. Both news improve the performance of the Outdooractive platform and provide users with more comfort during their search for vacation and leisure plans.

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CMS becomes DMS

By now, the Outdooractive CMS is so much more than just an “ordinary” Content-Management-System. It is a system based on a joint platform where touristic players collect, maintain, edit and spread their information. Thus, it is time to officially change the name: The CMS becomes a DMS, a Destination-Management-System.

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The integration of touristic map content – an infinite process

Tourism is existential for many regions. Especially in rural or alpine areas, tourism has significantly changed the working and living conditions. In order to be perceived as attractive – but also to cover the interests of all touristic stakeholders – a well-developed road network and the relating leisure economy are needed. The basis for a successful concept is an attractive and diverse road infrastructure.

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What’s the potential of offering E-Bikes at destinations?

The e-bike market is booming. Millions of Germans already got the practical cycling companion – and the tendency keeps rising! Once labeled with an «elderly» image, it is now hyped as a high-tech machine for almost all types of bikes. This development provides an immense potential for tourism and a continuous improvement of the technology will only increase its relevance.

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