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Outdooractive Conference 2018: Shaping the future of digital tourism

Once again the goal of the annual OAC at the town castle of Immenstadt is to openly discuss challenges, problems, possibilities and solutions with our top-class speakers and participants. New impulses and suggestions, that are forming the shape of the digital future of tourism, will also be introduced by our two keynote speakers at the OAC.

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The must-have for future systems: data quality

Artificial intelligence – as any form of intelligence – is only capable of being as good as the data on which its answers and recommendations are based on. Within the topic of Machine Learning, data quality is more important as well as more problematic than ever before: Bad data can no longer be simply deleted or switched up as it is the case with traditional data analysis. In future, the relevant volume of data will be organized in Big Data if they want to remain relevant to Alexa, chatbots and co. Due to the big amount of data, the origin of (possibly false) data can rarely be identified and a subsequent adjustment of content (often derived from a third party) is rather difficult.

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Intelligent Data and Systems are the Foundation of Future Guest Communication!

In recent years artificial intelligence (AI) has been a recurring topic in tourism. Due to efficient technologies it has invaded day-to-day life and thus reached a new dimension of automated communication. Today, personal assistants including Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, but also automated services such as chatbots, support our daily routines – often unconsciously. Soon touristic content will reach guests primarily via intelligent systems. An early awareness of upcoming challenges, which will develop out of a changed deployment and usage of touristic information, is essential for the future of destination marketing.

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