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New year, new team – Outdooractive follows a clear vision

Dear Readers,

We wish you a happy, successful, and above all, a healthy 2023! We look forward to working with you to master the challenges of the year with the same drive that we have always had.

However, to achieve this, it is essential to have the best possible team in place. In the case of Outdooractive, this comprises around 150 employees from a far-reaching range of countries who continue to give their best for the company from our headquarters in Immenstadt, Germany, and from our international offices.

In addition, we have also put together a visionary and strong leadership team to continue Outdooractive‘s success and pioneering work in digitizing the world of modern-day tourism.

This pioneering spirit is one of our core values and is the path that our management has elected to forge. We are willing to take risks and have the ambition to be the first to do things, to take experiencing the outdoors to a new level, and to break new ground with our ideas.

Hartmut Wimmer, Founder & CEO

“Only on new paths do you leave visible traces.” A sentence that reads as ambitious as it is visionary. From day one Hartmut Wimmer has been pursuing his vision to make Outdooractive not just the world’s largest outdoor platform but also its primary digital travel guide. Like any hiking route, the path to this goal does not always lead straight ahead, nor is it always uphill. However, with his pioneering spirit and strong beliefs, Hartmut has seen Outdooractive assert itself with a sense of strong purpose and clear goals. He recognizes that digitization and sustainability – two of the great challenges of our time- can only be overcome through a spirit of cooperation. Outdooractive is a true leader when it comes to forging such relationships and the company will continue along this path throughout 2023 under Hartmut’s leadership.

Annette Wimmer, Head of Finance

“I have been Outdooractive with heart and soul from the very beginning,” says Annette Wimmer. She can certainly be proud of the great products and ideas that have been created by Outdooractive, as well as the dedication and commitment of the great colleagues she works with. As of 2023, Annette Wimmer will be in charge of managing the company’s taxes, accounting, and administration. She has already completed 15 years of being the company’s CFO and has set her sights on enjoying the product itself more by putting it to the test in the outdoors. In Annette’s view, people should be able to have fun while also being considerate of the environment and acting sustainably. Above all, they should always feel as safe as possible while on their adventures. Outdooractive helps to guarantee all of these things.

Pirmin Mösle, CTO

Pirmin Mösle is very much what we would call “home-grown Outdooractive” and he loves the challenge of linking the big topics of digitization and sustainability, especially when it comes to tourism. Together with his outstanding team, Pirmin is able to put this passion into play through his involvement in the product as well as implementation and research. His aim is to further establish Outdooractive as the strongest product in the Industry in 2023 and help drive ever greater focus on sustainability and digitization, especially in our B2B line. To achieve this, Pirmin is prepared to take all the necessary steps to ensure that Outdooractive becomes THE world’s digital travel guide.

Markus Schreiner, CFO

Markus’ interests completely gel with the sorts of activities Outdooractive is so good at: skiing, mountaineering, mountain biking, and much more. For Markus, the goals of Outdooractive and his hobbies form the perfect symbiosis. He will be at the helm of the company’s finances, contracts, personnel, and administration. Markus’ goal is to ensure that sufficient funds remain available to expand our brand awareness and position in both existing and new markets. It’s Markus’ view that Outdooractive should take the long-term lead in enabling outdoor tourists to enjoy unforgettable outdoor experiences through technology that guides, connects and protects.

Norbert Hofherr, COO

It is the combination of his passion for the outdoors and his experience and enthusiasm for digital business models that drives Norbert Hofher. He is responsible for Sales & Marketing for both our B2C and B2B lines. Besides steering our profits, Norbert is also there to provide everyone in the team with the best and most efficient working environment. His personal plans are also very important to him, with the goal being to explore Norway with his family – something that will not doubt help inspire and fuel Norbert’s Commitment to Outdooractive being THE best platform for creating memorable experiences.

The entire Outdooractive team wishes you the very best for 2023.

We are delighted to have you by our side and look forward to reaching many more milestones with you.

Take care,

Your Outdooractive Team